"Our mission is to make all people disciples of Jesus Christ by loving each
other, ministering to the local and global community and nurturing growth
through education and the Word of God."
2 Pemberton-Browns Mills Road
Browns Mills, NJ 08015
Browns Mills
United Methodist Church
Upcoming Events!
Wednesday Night Alive
This month’s Wednesday Night Alive will be on
Wednesday, May 13th at 6:00 P.M.  We will have a
prepared meal of fried chicken, roasted potatoes, green
beans, salad and dessert all for $4.00. You can’t beat the
price or the fellowship.  The main reason
s for Wednesday
Night Live is fellowship, prayer
, worship and a night you
don’t have to cook. You don’t need to bring anything but
your $4.00.  We’ll have a program of interest to follow
and have you on your way by 8 P.M.   To join us just sign
the pew registration or call the Church Office by Monday,
May 11th.  We’ll have a place set for you, your family and
your friends!  
Work Day Breakfast
This month our work day will be Saturday, May 23rd.  
We begin with breakfast at 8:30 A.M. followed by a
morning of doing odd jobs around the church. There are
all kinds of things that need to be done.  It’s also just
great working with others on the Lord’s property.  We
are always on our way by noon.  We would love to have
you join us!  
Men’s Fellowship Night
We are trying something different just for our men.  Join us
Thursday, night, May 14th as we gather for a good meal, worship
and a good message at Keswick’s Men’s Fellowship
Night.  We
will leave the church at 5:45 P.M.  After the message you will be
able to use their pool, sauna, hot tub and activity center.  The
cost is $12.00 for the night.  Let Pastor know if you’re interested.
Annual Conference
Each year at the end of May the clergy and lay leadership gather with
the Bishop and his team for Annual Conference.  The conference is a
three day event—May 28th, 29th  and  30th  held in the convention
center in Wildwood, N.J.  Pastor and Harry Bishop will be attending
to represent you.  There are some very concerning topics coming up
that have to be dealt with.  Amidst all the controversy pray for the
will of God to be accomplished.  During this time delegates to the
National Conference will be chosen.  Pray that those chosen will
represent you wisely as we sail these troubled waters.    

If you would like to have fresh
flowers placed upon the altar on
any given Sunday either in
memory or in honor of a person
and/or an occasion, you may
order them by contacting the
Church Office. You may even
call several months in advance
to reserve a specific date